Female Genitalia

By Philip E. Gleason, MD


At birth, a physical exam will be performed. Part of the exam of the entire body is certainly an exam of the genitalia.


In girls, this should identify three openings along the perineum. There should be an opening of the urinary tract and bladder called the urethra. A second opening for the vagina should be seen. A third opening for the intestinal tract and rectum and anus should be seen. If any of these are not identified, further assessment including urologic and general surgical evaluation will be needed.


In boys, the genital exam will include checking the penis and opening of the urethra. The exam will also include checking the scrotum and testicles. If there is an abnormality, this may require further urologic assessment. It may also be advised to hold off on performing a circumcision, if planned, as sometimes it is better not to perform a circumcision if any correction of the penis or scrotum will be needed.


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